Dedicated to learners

KOA Music is a small group of composers who write music for learners, both young and old.

We focus on making our music really fun to play, because we believe that engaging with music is the key to improving technically.

Our resources include all sorts of music: easy and challenging, ancient and modern, from all over the world. We hope you will be surprised by what you find.

As you use our resources, tell us what you think! No matter what your level is, we want to hear from you, so we can always improve.

Featured compositions

Featured Book

Journeys 1 is the first in a six-part series of piano albums written specially for learners. It is aimed at older beginners and adults, but is also suitable for children who have some foundation and are ready to expand musically and technically.

This album contains 20 varied pieces, ranked in order of difficulty. The genres of the pieces are a mixture of classical, world folk song arrangements, jazz, and pop. This mixture of different genres and cultures is a core feature of Journeys: learning to play each piece in the album will encourage the learner to journey into unfamiliar territory, exploring new ideas and learning new musical techniques.

Click here to listen to the pieces.

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