Originally from the UK, I now live in Connecticut with my wife and little daughter. I am a freelancer and do all kinds of things for work and fun. I compose music, teach languages and piano, write textbooks, do video production, marketing, and educational consulting.

As a musician I’m primarily a pianist, but I have done all sorts over the years… recorder consorts, orchestral percussion, choirs, classical guitar, and steel pan. My compositions reflect my listening: a blend of music from many times and places.

I had composed a lot as a teenager, but my compositions lay gathering dust. Then, one day, I heard that my brother was starting piano. I searched for some music to give him, but nothing matched what I had in mind: easy music that was musically interesting, presenting a diversity of genres and cultures. I decided to write the book I was looking for, and KOA Music was born.

To me, composing is a mixture of improvising and imitating, and a mixture of structure and freedom. I lose myself in the process of creating sounds and feelings. I hope other players will share my feeling when they play my music..

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